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So now that I have an opportunity to impart some hoop skills and spread the joy of this very special art Im thinking about my practice in a different way. It's one thing to be in the flow of dance and let go to it so much that it consumes you. The beauty of this kind of dance arises spontaneously in the moment of now which a person must really relax into.


To teach this I must think and take note of how I hold and manipulate the hoop, how did it come to be at point B from point A. What is the posture of my body, where are my eyes? What is the grip in use? Why do this? And not that? What is this thing anyways? 


There are plenty of hoop people out here in the world blogging in writing and in video form the unique twists and turns of the hoop journey. The amazing changes and mastery of physical, mental, and innerlife skills that continue to grow and accumulate the further one goes. The practice is truly this impactful to those who pick it up. Not everyone feels that thrilling vibe but it's very real. This is a practice which expresses in a unique way from one person to another and though we may begin in a similar way with a hoop on our waste, learning basic tricks from each other, we in time develop a style as unique as we are and it becomes such a lovely contribution to the dance, the world hoop, and all of us really.


I want to write about this. I'd like to create a video log also but I'm such a technophobe I am not sure how to get the video from the raw thing it is to the page and Im bad enough just with pictures. That will come in time I suppose.


In my next post: hoop definitions symbolism and meaning, and then after that I want to say something about fears that a person may face which are most apparent at the beginning stage of the hoop life. 


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